Everything you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5.

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What to anticipate with Samsung’s upcoming flip phone

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5.
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5.

With the release of the Galaxy Z Flip 4, Samsung introduced the most recent iteration of their flip-format smartphone in August of last year. We have already given that specific model a very positive review, but there are numerous rumors floating around regarding what the Z Flip 5 will bring to the table as a replacement.

Here is all the information we currently have about the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 will be available when?

Samsung has started teasing the release of the Z Flip 5 and has announced that the Galaxy Unpacked event will take place in Seoul in the final week of July.

Although the company hasn’t officially stated it, it’s almost certain that the Z Flip 5 will be unveiled at the event—especially given we already know it’s a launch for foldables.

“The foldable category embodies Samsung’s philosophy of delivering innovation that pushes boundaries to reshape the future of mobile experiences,” said TM Roh, president of Samsung. Hosting Unpacked in Seoul is significant since the city has emerged as a hub for innovation, culture, and the foldable product category.

The Z Flip 5 will be released, according to a teaser from Samsung. The debut date hasn’t been announced by Samsung, but both Chosun and leaker Max Jambor believe it will take place on July 26. As you may have noticed, this date falls precisely in the last week of the month.

It’s a little strange that MySmartPrice has since stated that a second launch event would take place on August 11 but this time it will take place in the US. If this were the case, the Seoul launch would presumably not include information about the US launch and might potentially leave out information on the UK and European launches as well.

Samsung has routinely released its most recent Z Flip models in August after a February debut, so the timing is generally on target.

Going by last year’s launch, and the latest leaks, we’re expecting to see the Z Flip 5 launch alongside the Z Fold 5, Watch 6, and Tab S9.

What is the price of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5?

Even though they are still more expensive than other mobile devices, phones with folding screens are starting to become more affordable as the cutting-edge technology gets more widely used. Here’s a quick breakdown of the costs for the previous two iterations to give you an idea of what you’ll need to budget for since there’s a strong chance you’ll still be paying top dollar for the Flip 5.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4:

  • 128GB: $999/£999/€1,099
  • 256GB: $1,059/£1,059/€1,159
  • 256GB Bespoke Edition: $1,139/£1,099/€1,199
  • 512GB: $1,179/£1,199/€1,279

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3: 

  • 128GB: $999/£949/€1,049
  • 256GB: $1,049/£999/€1,099

Prices for the Flip 4 are largely the same as those for the previous generation; in fact, Europeans paid slightly less, while Britons paid slightly more.

The financial markets and supply networks are exhibiting signs of instability, so it is unclear whether Samsung will be able to repeat this trick with the class of 2023. Since the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 now has the £849 Oppo Find N2 Flip to contend with in the UK, let’s hope that the prices you see above are the ceiling rather than the ground floor in terms of expenses.

What brand-new capabilities will the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 offer?

As the launch date approaches, we are starting to understand what to anticipate from the Z Flip 5. Most importantly, we believe we know how it will appear, and it is undergoing a significant design revision.

The leaker OnLeaks, who shared renders of the phone with the website MediaPeanut, gives us the best look:

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5

The phone’s cover display, which is significantly larger, is the clear standout. The screen now occupies the most of the top half of the phone and has an interesting folder-like structure that somewhat cuts in around the two camera lenses. It appears to be 3.4 inches diagonally, which is slightly larger than the 3.26 inch panel on the Oppo Find N2 Flip. With a display that wraps around its cameras, the new Motorola Razr 40 Ultra/Razr+’s display is almost as big as this one.

SamMobile and leaker Ice Universe both posted photographs of that basic screen shape, and the latter even included his own mock-up of what it would look like, along with the information that it will have a 720748 resolution:

Furthermore, MySmartPrice recently shared what appears to be an official Samsung render of the phone, and it closely resembles the aforementioned dubious renders:

Since then, according to SamMobile, Samsung has collaborated with Google to guarantee that important programs like YouTube and Google Maps are optimized for this outer screen, with a bespoke user interface providing complete use without actually unlocking the phone.

The main display on the phone is the same size as before, according to OnLeaks. The phone has virtually exactly the same size and weight as its predecessor despite the new display, according to him, and it measures about 165 x 71.8 x 6.7mm when it is folded, according to Ice Universe.

The interior display will also receive an update, according to analyst Ross Young, thanks to a revised hinge design that “should reduce the visibility of the seam.” Ice, on the other hand, is more explicit, claiming that Samsung has a waterdrop hinge that enables the phone to fold fully flat. He continues by saying that a narrower bezel will also help this inner screen.

We can only hope that Samsung has caught up with its competitors, who have made significant strides in eradicating the seam from foldable displays and closing more completely.

The Z Flip 5 will be waterproof, according to Ice, with the same IPX8 rating as the previous generation. This mark denotes a high level of water resistance but no formal protection from dust and other small particles. According to Chun, another leaker, the phone will actually have an IP58 classification, which means it would provide some dust protection.

Let’s move on to the real specifications of the phone.

site in Korea The Elec broke the news that the new model would include the most recent Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 CPU first. This processor, which Qualcomm unveiled in November 2022, offers a significant performance increase without sacrificing the energy efficiency improvements that improved the Z Flip 4’s battery life.

The 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy, a slightly overclocked version of the chip we’ve previously seen in this year’s Galaxy S23 phones, is really what powers a phone that is thought to be the Z Flip 5 that has already been seen on the benchmark Geekbench.

The phone’s 8GB of RAM is also indicated in the Geekbench listing. SamMobile predicts that Samsung will provide the same 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB storage options for the phone as they did the last time around.

The phone will have the exact same 3700mAh battery as the Z Flip 4, as well as the same 25W wired charging (with a wireless option), according to leaker Yogesh Brar. The latter claim is supported by a listing on China’s 3C certification.

Similar to that, it doesn’t seem like camera specifications are changing much. The Z Flip 5 will once again sport a pair of 12MP main and ultrawide cameras, according to a tweet from Brar, who also adds the crucial qualification that the phone will use new image sensors. The same strategy Samsung used to upgrade the Z Flip 3 to 4, which led to a notable improvement in photo performance, suggests that another sensor replacement could result in a substantive improvement.

The software of the phone may also receive an update. According to SamMobile, DeX, Samsung’s software that enables you to use your phone as a portable workstation by projecting it to an external display with a desktop-style interface, will finally be supported by the Z Flip 5. This is a decision that makes sense because the phone will have enough of power with an 8 Gen 2 inside.

Be sure to check back frequently as we’ll keep updating this post as new information becomes available. Check out our current top picks in the best smartphone, best foldable, and best Samsung phone charts in the interim.

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