Television in suitcase

'StandbyMe Go' model television made by LG

This television of LG’s ‘StandbyMe Go’ model will give you the opportunity to watch music or videos on the big screen while visiting with friends or family members. There is no problem even if there is no electricity nearby, the television can run continuously for three hours on a single charge. The 27 inch screen television has four speakers so you can listen to loud music.

The television can be used in a suitcase, thus eliminating the need for a stand.

As Apple’s AirPlay supports Bluetooth-technology, it is possible to use the screen mirroring feature of the iPhone or iPad to watch various programs as well as music or videos on the television. The voice control feature allows the television to be carried in a suitcase, eliminating the need for a stand. Not only that, the television screen can be used horizontally or vertically.

Having a 1080 pixel LCD screen, the television shows good picture quality. As a result, it is possible to watch high-resolution videos on a large screen without a cable connection while traveling. The television will be available in the US market by the end of this month. The price will be one thousand US dollars.

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