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SanDisk Extreme Pro (128 GB)

Finding some kind of harmony between speed, unwavering quality, and value, the SanDisk Extreme Pro is hard to beat. It has a smooth and strong aluminum case with a circle for joining it to a key ring. Push the plastic slider to uncover or conceal the USB-A fitting, and it’s totally operable with one hand. In our tests, the velocities matched what SanDisk promotes (420 megabytes each subsequent read, 380 MB/s compose), making it ideal for anybody routinely replicating records between gadgets. You get an assortment of capacity limit choices (up to 1 terabyte) and a lifetime guarantee.

Connector: USB 3.2 Type-A

Kingston DataTraveler Max (1 TB)

Best USB-C Drive (and the Fastest)

This drive duplicated the whole camera envelope from my Pixel telephone to my PC so rapidly I dreaded it probably fizzled. Be that as it may, when I checked my PC, everything was available and right. It’s an extremely lightweight plastic drive with a furrowed top that permits you to slide the USB-C module and out. A small circle at the top means you can join it to a key ring. It’s an incredible decision if you have any desire to back up or move documents between cell phones, tablets, or PCs with USB-C ports. It’s by a wide margin the speediest drive I have tried (1,000 MB/s read, 900 MB/s compose), so it’s particularly ideally suited for moving huge records. We’ve connected to the 1-terabyte model, yet there are 256-and 512-gigabyte choices accessible as well.

Connector: USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C

SanDisk iXpand Luxe (128 GB)

Best for Phones

In the event that you believe a glimmer drive should back up and duplicate photographs and different records from your cell phone, I like the iXpand Luxe. It has a Lightning plug for iPhones and iPads toward one side and flips to uncover a USB-C fitting at the other, so you can move records to or from Android gadgets and workstations. It has a metal packaging with a circle for a keychain, and it is exceptionally thin. This plan implies that one fitting is constantly uncovered, and keeping in mind that SanDisk remembers a different plastic cover that openings for, I dread I’ll unavoidably lose it. Capacity choices top out at 256 gigabytes.

To utilize this drive with an iPhone or iPad, you should introduce the iXpand application (not needed for Android gadgets). It functions admirably, however it’s not the quickest drive (90 MB/s read, 35 MB/s compose). Backing up photographs from my better half’s iPhone required two or three hours the initial time. Conveniently, you can arrange the application to naturally back up photographs when you embed the drive. Try not to have a USB-C port on your PC? Then the fundamentally the same as iXpand Go ($60) is the best approach. It sports a Lightning port toward one side and a USB-A fitting on the other.

Connector: USB Type-C 3.1 and Apple Lightning

★ Another Alternative: The Verbatim Dual ($22 for 64 GB) is a minuscule drive with a USB-C connector toward one side and a cord associated cap you can eliminate to uncover a USB-An at the other (both USB 3.2 Gen 1). It’s not the quickest, yet it is tiny and modest, and furthermore comes in 16-or 32-gigabyte choices.

Verbatim Pinstripe (256 GB)

Best Budget

Affordable and practical, the Pinstripe from Verbatim will not win any races (my tests of the 256-GB drive saw variable write speeds of up to 80 MB/s and read speeds a little faster), but I like the simple design. The USB-A slides into the lightweight plastic body for protection, so there’s no cap to lose, and the other end has a tiny loop for a keychain. Did I mention that it’s cheap? You can get various sizes, all at attractive prices for the capacity. If you want to take files with you, and there is no hurry to transfer them, this is one of the cheapest ways. You can also get 16-, 32-, 64-, or 128-gigabyte options. Just watch out as the older model of Pinstripe is a slower drive.

Connector: USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A

Corsair Flash Survivor Stealth (64 GB)

Most Durable

Looking for a blaze drive with a sturdy nook? The Survivor Covertness from Corsair is difficult to beat. It has a furrowed, round and hollow, anodized aluminum lodging with furrowed elastic covers at each side. One end has an opening for a keychain, and screws open to uncover the drive, which has a standard USB-A fitting. When screwed shut appropriately, this drive is waterproof to a profundity of 200 meters, and the nook is vibration-and shock-safe. I dropped it in a glass of water and allowed the feline to pursue it around, it actually turns out great. Its exhibition is genuinely normal (85 MB/s read, 70 MB/s compose), so the process can’t be rushed to finish a major reinforcement or move huge documents. Its capacity limits are likewise somewhat little and go up to 128 gigs.

Connector: USB 3.0 Sort A

Lexar Jumpdrive Fingerprint F35 (128 GB)

Most Secure

You can get USB drives with a wide range of various safety efforts, however this Lexar model has a helpful unique finger impression scanner. The body of the drive and scanner are metal with a circle for a keychain at the top and a dark sliding plastic cover to safeguard the USB-A fitting. You need to set the unique finger impression scanner up on a Windows PC, and you can enlist up to 10 fingerprints. I enlisted my thumb, and it was examined when I opened it into a PC, giving me admittance to the solid segment, which flaunts 256-digit AES encryption.

There is likewise a public parcel that can be gotten to like an ordinary drive, so you can get to certain records without finger impression insurance in the event that you want to. Peruse speeds are very great, yet compose speeds are slow (150 MB/s read, 60 MB/s compose). You can get it in 32-, 64-, 128-, or 256-gigabyte choices.

Connector: USB 3.0 Sort A

Verbatim Nano (32 GB)

Best Tiny

Many drives are not a lot greater than the USB-A connector, however I find them excessively simple to lose. In any case, on the off chance that you really want a minuscule drive, they don’t come a lot more modest than this one. Word for word’s 32 GB Nano showed improvement over the expressed 80 MB/s read and 25 MB/s compose speeds in my testing, yet all at once it’s still very sluggish. I like the bended indent that makes it simpler to extricate (a portion of these minuscule drives are difficult to pull out). The blue completion needs style, however it is not difficult to detect assuming you drop it, and it is truly reasonable. There are likewise 16-and 64-gigabyte models.

Connector: USB 3.2 Gen 1 Sort A

★ Another Other option: The Samsung FIT In addition to ($38 for 256 GB) is a lot more pleasant looking drive with a metallic body and execution to coordinate (up to 400 MB/s read for 128-GB or 256-GB drives). It is greater however has a convenient circle for a keychain.

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